Research interests of the department include processing in vertebrate retina; structure, function, and development of auditory and visual systems; development and regeneration in the central and peripheral nervous system, neural mechanisms meditating higher nervous system; neural mechanisms meditating higher nervous system functions, including perception, learning, attention, and decision making.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral training is a critical period for establishing research independence. In the Department of Neurobiology, postdocs work alongside top scientists and at the same time develop their professional skills, explore career options, and prepare for independent careers. We have a strong commitment to making the postdoc experience the best it can possibly be. Graduate students interested in a postdoctoral position can contact the PIs directly through our Faculty page.

Visiting Scholars

The Department of Neurobiology is delighted to welcome scholars who wish to interact with researchers and others in the Stanford and neurosciences communities. Such interchanges are mutually beneficial and enrich the collegial atmosphere. We invite you to see our Lab Website to read in-depth on what our Faculty is working on for their current research. Potential visiting scholars should review this resource.